Mad Lane Productions endeavours to create feature length projects for local and international distribution as well as short and long form television for broadcast and online platforms.


Our most recent work includes:


Thicker Than Water (2018)


The feature length drama Thicker Than Water, stars Pete Murray (Sony Singer) in his cinematic debut, Anthony Brandon Wong (The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions), Chai Hansen (The 100, The Legend of Monkey, Mako Mermaids), Brad McMurray (San Andreas, Sea Patrol), Madeleine Kennedy (Boar, Charlie's Farm) and Ellie Popov (Cigarettes).


Thicker Than Water follows a family that struggles to remain united when the eldest brother (Murray), a recovering drug addict, returns home from rehab. 

Thicker Than Water (Official Trailer)

Mad Lane Productions presents "Thicker Than Water"A family struggles to remain united when the eldest brother Dimitri (Pete Murray), a recovering drug addict, returns home.Also stars: Anthony Bran...

Pete Murray Thicker Than Water NBN News

Australian NBN News report on singer/songwriter Pete Murray in his film debut. Thicker Than Water also stars: Anthony Brandon Wong, Chai Romreun, Brad McMurray, Ellie Popov and Madeleine Kennedy.